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Nilaya_ a posted Aug 30, 14
Yes, I have NC up and running, just working on configs, it'll be whitelisted until we at least get spawn built...if anyone wants to help you are more than welcome, just send me what in game name you'll be using (or let any staff know).  The IP will be up and down as I work on the configs..I have almost all of the plugins loaded, just a few that aren't as important I'll add later.  Some notes...we are running on 1.7.4...requested by players due to the fact that this version you skins should work, in newer versions apparently they aren't showing...so we're running in this version for now.  The IP you are all wanting to know, is 


goosehell 1.78 is a good choice too do consider.. I will not disturb you Nilaya have a good day.... ~~Johnathon~~
RealNightFury Ahh! We are almost back!
Nilaya_ a Uh little change, we're doing 1.7.5 instead of 1.7.4...my bad..derp de derp.
......is working on getting the server up now.  Now this doesn't mean that it'll be open to the public today, it means that it'll be open to staff to work on it to get it ready to be opened to the public.  NC will go up first and foremost, meaning the other servers that we will be running won't necessarily be up yet at the same time, but will follow afterwards.  SD for example will not be open for some time yet as a lot of thought process has to go into it due to the type of server it is.  We have also changed the server lineup slightly but this will not affect regular players, just staff.  And yes we will be using the hub that was designed for us.  Anyone that is interested in helping out in any way, please get a hold of us via Skype, you can contact me directly on Skype nyte.nilaya1 (pick the one with the full pic of me) and I can add you to our Skype chat, or if you know any of the other staff/members on Skype, just ask them to add you. Thanks for being so patient guys, a lot of stuff will be going on all weekend!!
PagdoMortal Hey Nilaya , the Ip? pass me please.

Happy Sunday!

Nilaya_ a posted Aug 10, 14
Gonna take a little longer to work on it seeing as we were kinda sorta screwed over..again..long story, those on skype know what happened.  Anywhoo I'm gonna grab a few builds of ours from other maps to use in the meantime until we get more building up..but NC will need a lot of building to begin with, PC's map we still have, I'm gonna grab some builds off of it though for NC instead.  An op is getting me all my plugins while I take care of some other stuff, so mostly I'll just have to work on configurations which will take the longest, but shouldn't take too long.  

Anyways, just so you all know the main server ip when it goes up will be nytecraft.shadowmc.us.
goosehell Good Job Nilaya -Johnathon
Nilaya_ a Oh I dunno, I couldn't think of anything else for a title and was tired of using "updates" all the time. Lols
SilverGlaceon i dont get how sunday celebrate worthy?

More Updates

Nilaya_ a posted Aug 9, 14
The hub is freaking awesome!!!!  Almost done too, I'm gonna try to launch us tomorrow and finish the site.  Otherwise everything is running smoothly, PC and Tekkit will follow next, then IC and SD will be last to be added as it will take some work.  PC and Tekkit should both be functional pretty quick though as the map for PC is already done, we just need to add the games to it.  As of right now we're looking at PC being Towny and IC being Prison. 
XZaiZai0 Announce the ip once its done ...
goosehell Awsome.


Nilaya_ a posted Aug 3, 14
Bungee is installed, just working on setting it up, getting servers set up.  I need to take a short break for now,  people have been bombarding me with questions.  Don't worry you'll all stay updated. Right now I'm just having configuration issues with Bungee in trying to recognize our main server, everything else is running properly though and part of the main server is completed.  I'll probably just get everything for the build server up and together just to get that out of the way.  Hang tight folks..also I'll get the website worked on more too.
SaiFive I have experience with BungeeCord if you'd like help add me on skype my skype name is SaiFive
Nilaya_ a I'm working on it, it's just been hard, I finally had to get some sleep, aunt is driving me nuts and I'have had all sort ...
Nilaya_ a Thanks, you guys rock. You all know I've had sleep issues the past 2 weeks, well I fell asleep earlier an crashed all e ...
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